Years of experience have resulted in our creation of The Points System.  Quite simply, it is the most accurate and fair means by which both our clients and we are able to determine the "value" of what's being produced.

Production charges are a function of time.  The time it takes for your voice talent to voice a "page" of copy pales in comparison to the amount of time it takes to actually produce that copy.  And not all "pages" are created equal.  Is that "page" of copy just a promo?  Or 15 sweepers?  There's a big difference in the amount of time that it takes to produce that many sweepers versus just a full promo.  

We always like to use the analogy of the parking lot.  "Hey, will you build us a parking lot?" might be the question.  To which we answer"  "What kind of parking lot?  For a 7-11?  Or for Disney?"  BIG difference.  Production works the same way.

So, for us, and for you, the Points System is a great way to "get a handle" on what's being produced, while giving you the maximum flexibility possible.  Some imaging houses lock you into packages of "x" number of promos and "x" number of sweepers each month.  Well...what if you want all promos?  Or all sweepers?  The Points System gives you that have what you want, when you want it.