We created the Points System as a way to accurately measure the value of the work provided and the cost that you pay.  Production costs are a function of time.   We don't charge studio time for our imaging work as it can vary widely...which could cause a budget problem for many stations.  Instead, we have, after many years of experience, created a system that measure the average amount of time that it takes to produce anything from a simple sweeper to a full promo and everything in between.  The result:  The DSV Points System.  

How it works is quite simple.  Imagine that you have a wallet.  In that wallet, you have 40 dollars.  You go to the restaurant and look at the menu.  On the menu are items such as a burger (5 dollars), a soda (2 dollars) and fries (1 dollar).  You order a burger, fries and a drink.  Your total bill is 8 dollars.  You take 8 dollars from your wallet to pay your bill and you are left with 32 dollars until your next pay day.

So the DSV Points equivalent of that scenario is this:  You have a production package that gives you 40 points a month.  You order a mini promo (5 points), a sweeper (2 points) and a sweeper revision (1 point).  Your total job is 8 points.  You take 8 points away from your monthly allotment of 40 points and you are left with 32 points for the rest of the month.

Pretty simple, right?

See the attached files for our complete POINT MENU and more information on the POINTS SYSTEM.